Fencing is one of the most respected and oldest sports in the world. Although it is nowhere near as popular as sports such as football or cricket. There are hundreds of thousands of fencing fans spread out around the world. In the article below we are going to take a look at the popular fencing bets, how you can successfully bet on it, and how you can find the best fencing betting site for you.


Types of Fencing Bets

Fencing has been at the Olympic Games since 1896, and other big fencing competitions includes the likes of the World Championship and the European Championship. When these big events are on, any self-respecting bookie will offer their customers a variety of entertaining betting markets that they can bet on. So, what are some of the more popular fencing bets that gamblers like to place their money on? Well, we have gone to the liberty of listing some below for you:

Head-to-head: With this type of bet you have to choose two fencers and then place your money on which one you think will have a higher finish come the end of the competition. Those bettors who know their fencers and fencing history can make decent sums of profit from this type of bet.

Winner: Here you are trying to predict the fencer that will go on to win the tournament. In order to be declare the winner of a competition, a fencer needs to go through a number of different stages without losing, which is why this type of bet can be very tricky to predict. This type of bet is best for those sports betting fans who have experience when it comes to betting on fencing. You can just take a stab in the dark if you like, but more often than not you are going to end up losing your money.

Top 3 or Top 5: As you can probably guess, with this type of bet you are betting on a particular fencer to finish in the top 3 or top 5 (it will depend what bookmaker you are betting with). This type of bet is good for novices because it gives you some leeway. However, as you have a better chance of winning, the odds that will be offered will be much lower than if you were to just select one fencer to win the whole competition.


How to be a Successful Fencing Bettor

If you do not possess a good knowledge of fencers, then you will end up losing more money than you will win. If you do not know much about fencing at the moment, we recommend that you learn as much as you can about the sport before you start to risk your hard-earned money.

When you are betting on a fencer to win, you need to know about their reflexes, speed, technique, balance, and calmness as these are features that are very important for fencers. If you are able to regularly pick the fencers that come out on top in all of these categories, then your chances of making a nice profit will improve quite nicely. You should always have a look at the head-to-head stats between two fencers as one of the fencers might have a psychological edge over the other one. Unpleasant memories from past matches can have an adverse effect even on the world’s best fencers. You should also take a look at the prestige of the competition as the bigger the tournament, the more motivation each fencer will have. For example, it will be a dream for every fencer to represent their country at the Olympics, so we would imagine that they would be determined to do even better than usual.

How to Find the Best Fencing Betting Site

When the big fencing events are on, all of the biggest and best bookies in the UK will offer their customers odds to bet on this sport. But how exactly do you find what the best betting sites are for UK punters? Well, by making use of comparison sites, of course. In our opinion, one of the best ones around at this moment in time is mybettingsite.uk. Their experts look at every aspect of the popular bookmakers and provide in-depth reviews so that their readers can find the best online sports betting site for them. Something which confirmed our though is that we read an article about this betting website

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