Fencing has been a sport that has been featured at every Olympic event since 1986, but to begin with there was just the men’s individual foil and sabre. The women’s individual foil was at the 1924 Games in Paris, France, while the women’s individual sabre became part of the Games in 2004. The individual épée became part of the Olympics in 1996 at the Games in Atlanta. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021, all 12 fencing events (épée/foil/sabre, men/women, team/individual) will take place.

Fencing is one of the most respected and oldest sports in the world. Although it is nowhere near as popular as sports such as football or cricket. There are hundreds of thousands of fencing fans spread out around the world. In the article below we are going to take a look at the popular fencing bets, how you can successfully bet on it, and how you can find the best fencing betting site for you.

Maybe it is because we are holding weapons, but there are many people who believe that fencing is a dangerous sport. This belief is something that makes this sport romantic, but it is actually one of the safest activities that one can partake in. Dangers in Fencing There is danger in any sporting activity, let us get that straight. When you are doing sports, you are partaking in physical activities and whenever you are doing something physical there is a chance that you will injure yourself.

Fencing is an elegant sport that has been enjoyed by many since the middle ages. It is a physical and mental challenge and fencers try to score points by striking their opponent in a designated area while trying to avoid being hit themselves. It is a very popular sport at the Olympics and its popularity is growing all the time. I have been fencing for ten years now and below I am going to reveal the major health benefits of this sport.